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With a range of quality products behind us and skilled and experienced personnel to support them, Western Irrigation continues to be a leader in groundwater management in Western Australia and beyond.

Water Management

Establishing a water source is always the first step in any project.  After that, the possibilities are endless.  Bores are not simply a hole in the ground – they require specific design elements to ensure that production suits the purpose.  Distributing water can take many different pathways.  From storing water in tanks, dams or lakes, to constructing pipelines, filtration plants, and irrigation systems – these need to be managed in a way that suits and benefits the individual project.

Monitoring is another technique we employ to manage water assets.  By installing flow meters and other observation equipment, we can establish water consumption and design more efficient methods of utilising the available resources.  Regular visits to sites and comprehensive record-keeping keep track of consumption and build a detailed picture of project requirements.  This can help design system improvements and keep tabs on one of our essential, but often taken for granted, assets – clean, freshwater.


People are always full of advice, but only some of it is useful. We like to think that ours is very useful. If you are thinking of a project involving water supply, distribution or filtration, give us a call. Chances are, we’ve already done what you’re thinking of and can provide examples of similar systems, the benefits and pitfalls and suggest improvements to enhance workability.

Our MD, Andrew Ogden, has been a principal project manager with the company since the late 1980s – there’s not a lot he hasn’t seen, done or suggested can be done with water. Extensive travels across the world have seen him in pump factories in Hungary, sprinkler factories in America, touring facilities and projects across Australia, Europe and the United States.

Jeff Sanders, our works manager, knows pumps inside out and back to front. With his team of tradespeople, he can diagnose, repair or suggest improvements to any pumping facility. Other project managers have specialties in the field of filtration, government sites and commercial projects – counted together, that’s a few hundred years of experience over literally thousands of sites. Go on…. ask us a question….

Consultancy and Design

Our experience over the years has given us the knowledge and expertise to be able to guide you through any project involving water or liquid movement and storage.  Our consultancy service can guide you through the planning stage and offer you project management for the duration of your development.  We have several Certified Irrigation Draftsmen who can turn concepts into plans from which projects can be built.

Our project officers have a vast array of experience and can guide you through every stage of a project from concept planning to completion.  We offer a total Project Management service where we can design specifications, put them out to tender, assess and recommend on awarding tenders, day to day management of project contractors, handover of projects and post-project maintenance issues.

Sales and Service

Western Irrigation is not a mainstream retail outlet.  We stock and source such a wide variety of equipment and fittings that it would be impossible to put one of each on display in a showroom scenario.  Instead, we ask that you tell us what you require as your end result and we will supply products that suit your needs.  If you know the item you require, even better.  Our massive store stocks hundreds of pumps, sprinklers, fittings, etc but if for some reason your parts are not available, we have excellent relationships with a vast network of suppliers and can have your items ready in a day or two, so you won’t have long to wait.  We also have a fully equipped fabrication area to custom design and manufacture items specifically suited to your needs.  We offer EFT and credit card facilities and are happy to open accounts with long-term clients.

If you have an item that no longer performs as well as it should, our service team is available to attend the site and assess the situation.  We have a fleet of vehicles customised to suit a variety of applications including pump removal, bore testing and irrigation system servicing.  Our technicians travel throughout the metropolitan area and beyond to get to the site and evaluate the work required.  While a lot of servicing can be carried out on-site, some larger items need to be brought back to the workshop where our trained fitters, machinists and fabricators can strip, service and rebuild components as required.  Our custom-designed pump testing facility is capable of testing a large variety of pump sizes and produces accurate results.  Our aim is to get your installation running at peak performance as soon as possible so that your site is operating at full capacity with minimal interruptions.


Our qualified and experienced field staff can install and test pumps, filtration systems, pipelines, irrigation systems, water storage tanks, lakes, streams, water features….you name it, we can do it. Our staff can work from your plans, arrange modifications to plans to suit the size or work with the client on-site to install a quality system to suit local conditions. A function of each system installation is that it will be commissioned and tested to ensure it is operating correctly before we hand it over. We also offer a range of maintenance options for you, depending on the site, so we can perform regularly scheduled maintenance on a variety of installations, regardless of whether or not we installed them or they were put in by someone else.

Equipment Hire

Western Irrigation maintains a comprehensive range of pumps and other equipment which is available for hire.  Our custom-designed vehicles are capable of installing equipment in any area.  Western Irrigation also offers a fully self-sufficient mobile monitoring plant, staffed with two experienced personnel to conduct extended duration testing at remote locations.  We can arrange for the hire of storage tanks, generators, flow meters and other specialist equipment.  Our qualified and experienced tradespeople are available to install the equipment to ensure that all is operating correctly.  Minimum hire periods apply, dependent on the type of equipment used.  You want it, we can get it to you, for as long as it is needed.

Specialist Services

Need something done that isn’t on anyone’s standard list? Western Irrigation is for you. We are not limited to drilling bores up to 1200m in-depth, installing hundreds of kilometres of water supply and irrigation pipelines, supplying pumps for water and a variety of liquids and semi-liquids, installing acres of irrigation for your oval, turf farm, vegetable production, greenhouses, etc – we can do other stuff too.

Some of the projects we have undertaken include filtration of water supplies for a variety of applications – vineyards, schools, public open spaces, synthetic sports fields, and community and individual drinking water supplies. Building cubicles, pump houses and a variety of structures to enclose facilities for safety or beautification are all part of the service we can offer. We have built lakes, streams, waterfalls and fountains –in open spaces and inside other structures.

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