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With a range of quality products behind us and skilled and experienced personnel to support them, Western Irrigation continues to be a leader in groundwater management in Western Australia and beyond.


Western Irrigation has a diverse portfolio of commercial clients including land developments and housing estates containing large public open spaces, through to commercial vegetable growing, turf farms and live animal produce.  The need for water in each of these commercial enterprises is their only common ground.  What happens once the water is sourced is greatly varied.  Drilling and fitting out bores, designing and constructing lakes, aeration systems, filtration plants, pipelines, sprinklers, centre pivot systems, potable and production water – we do them all.

Our maintenance services are tailored to suit individual clients, sites and projects.  From regular irrigation system testing to bore and pump maintenance, monitoring, servicing filtration units, refuelling gensets powering bores for new developments, cleaning storage water tanks – a wide range of diverse services are offered to ensure systems operate at peak performance at all times.


Water in the industry is crucial.  Western Irrigation is proud to be associated with many leading industrial organisations.  Some of our major industrial ventures include beverage production, paper production and manufacture of a variety of items. Horticulture – including food and plant production, including grapes for vineyards – also features prominently in the list of industries that we service.  From designing and drilling bores through to running pipelines, installing storage tanks, filtration and irrigation systems, we actively supply, service and maintain a large variety of short- and long-term projects, processing plants and other sites across the metropolitan area and beyond.

Maintenance of these facilities is crucial.  We offer a variety of maintenance options including monthly and quarterly assessments of bores, pumps and filtration systems; monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning of filtration and aeration equipment; and a host of other options and customised solutions to suit the specific needs of your site.


Western Irrigation deals with all levels of government – local, state and federal.  Working hand-in-hand with councils to ensure aesthetically pleasing public open spaces and communal facilities, Western Irrigation provides consultancy, design, supply, installation and maintenance of groundwater facilities.  As a contractor to various state government departments, Western Irrigation provides these same services to schools across the Perth metropolitan area and beyond and various state government sites including the grounds of Parliament House, Kings Park and many others.

One of our key services to government includes maintenance of groundwater assets and water distribution systems.  With a fleet of purpose fitted vehicles and experienced trades personnel, we can incorporate scheduled maintenance, fault finding and repairs into site visits, and minimise the costs of replacing expensive assets to taxpayers.


Western Australia is Australia’s largest producer.  With many companies exploring, sourcing and refining ores across the state, mining is a key component of the Western Australian economy.  Western Irrigation has supported the mining industry for many years and has a fleet of vehicles, operators and suitable equipment to service all aspects of water supply and distribution in the field.  Our scope of works includes designing and drilling bores for production and/or potable water, installing pumps, storage tanks and filtration systems, running kilometres of pipelines between sites and a host of other water-related functions.

Our remote area service personnel have been trained in the specialised needs of isolated communities as well as their individual trades and can be fully self-sufficient on-site.  Bore monitoring programmes, potable water supplies, process water requirements – Western Irrigation can supply a variety of services – right through to irrigating campsites to improve the environment for client personnel.  Our technicians are fully trained in pump maintenance and can remove and temporarily repair pumps on-site if required.  Our extensive workshop in Bibra Lake can carry out extensive repairs and testing of pumps, with a rapid turnaround minimising disruption to the site.  We have a wide range of submersible pumps available for hire which can be installed by our experienced staff and ensure that no site experiences expensive downtime.

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