About Western Irrigation

Western Irrigation began operations in 1969 as a contracting company servicing the Perth metropolitan domestic and commercial irrigation market.

Since then, Western Irrigation has expanded its capabilities and experience and now operates in most sectors of the water industry throughout Western Australia.

The company has established a strong reputation as a leader within the groundwater industry, developed through many years of providing quality products and services to its clients. Particular areas of expertise are the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all forms of groundwater pumping equipment; design, supply, installation and maintenance of water storage and distribution equipment including bores, pumps, piping, valves, tanks and sprinklers; design, supply, maintenance and upgrading of water supply and filtration systems and bore testing, maintenance and redevelopment.


Western Irrigation has a diverse portfolio of commercial clients including land developments and housing estates containing large public open spaces, through to commercial vegetable growing, turf farms and live animal produce.


Western Irrigation is proud to be associated with many leading industrial organisations.  Some of our major industrial ventures include beverage production, paper production and manufacture of a variety of items.


Western Irrigation provides irrigation services and cost-effective solutions to schools across the Perth metropolitan area and beyond and various state government sites including the grounds of Parliament House, Kings Park and many others.


As a key component of the WA economy,  Western Irrigation has supported the mining industry for many years and has a fleet of vehicles, operators and suitable equipment to service all aspects of water supply and distribution in the field.

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About Western Irrigation

Western Irrigation now services the commercial and industrial sectors, local, state and federal government and a large portion of the mining industry, as well as providing a variety of specialist services that range between industries.  With a range of quality products behind us and skilled and experienced personnel to support them, Western Irrigation continues to be a leader in groundwater management in Western Australia and beyond.

If you enjoy a beer, chances are Western Irrigation maintains the pumps used to supply the water used to make your tipple.  If you’re a wine connoisseur, there’s a good chance the vines were watered by a Western Irrigation-designed system.  When you take the dog for a walk at the local park, the bore, pump or sprinklers used to water the oval were installed or are maintained by Western Irrigation.  If you buy West Australian-grown carrots, chicken or instant lawn, they are likely to have been watered by one of our installations.  Been to the race track or a golf course recently?  So have we….

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