Specialist Services

Need something done that isn’t on anyone’s standard list?  Western Irrigation is for you.  We are not limited to drilling bores up to 1200m in depth, installing hundreds of kilometres of water supply and irrigation pipelines, supplying pumps for water and a variety of liquids and semi-liquids, installing acres of irrigation for your oval, turf farm, vegetable production, greenhouses, etc – we can do other stuff too.

Some of the projects we have undertaken include filtration of water supplies for a variety of applications – vineyards, schools, public open spaces, synthetic sports fields, community and individual drinking water supplies.  Building cubicles, pump houses and a variety of structures to enclose facilities for safety or beautification are all part of the service we can offer.  We have built lakes, streams, waterfalls  and fountains –in open spaces and inside other structures. 

Corporate Memberships

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