About Western Irrigation

Western Irrigation began operations in 1969 as a contracting company servicing the Perth metropolitan domestic and commercial irrigation market.  Since then, Western Irrigation has expanded its capabilities and experience and now operates in most sectors of the water industry throughout Western Australia.

The company has established a strong reputation as a leader within the groundwater industry, developed through many years of providing quality products and services to its clients.  Particular areas of expertise are the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all forms of groundwater pumping equipment; design, supply, installation and maintenance of water storage and distribution equipment including bores, pumps,  piping, valves, tanks and sprinklers; design, supply, maintenance and upgrading of water supply and filtration systems and bore testing, maintenance and redevelopment.

Western Irrigation now services the commercial and industrial sectors, local, state and federal government and a large portion of the mining industry, as well as providing a variety of specialist services that range between industries.  With a range of quality products behind us and skilled and experienced personnel to support them, Western Irrigation continues to be a leader in groundwater management in Western Australia and beyond.

If you enjoy a beer, chances are Western Irrigation maintains the pumps used to supply the water used to make your tipple.  If you’re a wine connoisseur, there’s a good chance the vines were watered by a Western Irrigation-designed system.  When you take the dog for a walk at the local park, the bore, pump or sprinklers used to water the oval were installed or are maintained by Western Irrigation.  If you buy West Australian grown carrots, chicken or instant lawn, they are likely to have been watered by one of our installations.  Been to the race track or a golf course recently?  So have we….

Key Personnel:

Managing Director – Andrew Ogden

Andrew started at Western Irrigation in 1987 as a qualified Civil Engineer.  He is experienced in all facets of groundwater design – boreholes, pumping system, pipelines, filtration systems, selection of suitable components, installation, use, repair and fault assessment.  Andrew has been both the WA State and Australian National President of the Australian Drilling Industry, and a key committee member of the WA Branch of Irrigation Australia Ltd.

Works Manager – Jeff Sanders

Jeff is a qualified mechanical fitter who has been with Western Irrigation since 1983. He is experienced in all facets of pump system selection, fabrication, installation, use, repair and installation.

Finance/Administration Manager – Wayne Howells

Wayne keeps the business administration running smoothly, co-ordinating payments and ensuring day-to-day operations.  He has over 30 years experience in finance and accounting and has been with the company since 2015.

Project Managers:

James Cobbold

James joined the company in 1991 as a qualified tradesman.  As a former pump rig operator experienced in field work, he now drives a desk.  He co-ordinates field staff working on government contracts and is responsible for our breakdown and repair service to a large range of government sites.

Shaun McDonald

Shaun has been with us since 1993 and is our Commercial Projects manager, often found on site supervising field staff and occasionally wielding tools himself.  He has ample experience in contract management and scheduling as well as design, problem solving and maintenance.

Jason Moulé

A tradesman fitter, Jason has graduated from field work to office, but still retains strong links to the outside world.  Jason specialises in filtration systems and installation of hydrometers and other monitoring equipment. Jason has been with the company since 1996.

Shane Sutcliffe

Shane joined the group in 2004, transferring to Western Irrigation in 2010 as our Technical Estimator.  He has a wealth of experience in Occupational Health and Safety as well as contract and tender management.

Stores - Karl Bellette

Karl runs our store, sourcing products and ensuring the right parts are available for each job. He has been with the company since 2011 and has a complete knowledge of pumps, sprinklers and fittings for all aspects of the groundwater industry.  You want it, Karl can find it. 

Corporate Memberships

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